Balayage is for EVERYONE!

//Balayage is for EVERYONE!

Balayage is for EVERYONE!

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a littlemodel smallRoz bali small Want to brighten up your COLOR?  Then balayage (hair painting in French:) is for YOU! Long or short, natural or tinted hair – it can enhance any look!

Balayage is the French term for hair painting and has been around for quite awhile, but just like brussel sprouts, it’s recently made a resurgence to the spotlight of what’s trendy in haircolor.

Being a stylist for so many years, I can hardly relate how fun it is to color hair…Balayage is the artist’s friend, allowing us stylists to paint  hair with lights to show off haircut and/or frame the face. Some of you might ask if you need to have color as well?  Not necessarily…Each guest will be given a full consultation and we will find just the right design that suits your haircut and your lifestyle.

Come in for your free Balayage consultation today…Just call 619-464-6066

We’d love to make you SHINE!

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