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Yelp Reviews…Is what you see really what you get?


Ah...the world of technology is at our fingertips and becoming more sophisticated each and every day. For those of you that have never done a Yelp review but might take [...]

Yelp Reviews…Is what you see really what you get?2013-01-29T07:48:47-08:00

Supporting an environmentally active company – AVEDA


Hopefully we are all making the most of our weekly recycling provided by our local trash companies. We are also trying to make a difference every day by not accepting [...]

Supporting an environmentally active company – AVEDA2013-01-20T09:38:20-08:00

Spa Party Fridays


We all know that women need time with other women. It's as simple as that. We bond. We talk about husbands, boyfriends, children, cooking and all the other subjects that [...]

Spa Party Fridays2013-01-12T06:07:31-08:00

Be No Ego


Be No Ego We need to get out of the way of ourselves...dumping that obtrusive ego...remembering that our job isn't to hold onto our position (double meaning there). Our job [...]

Be No Ego2013-01-12T05:18:22-08:00

What’s the Real Scoop on Corrective Hair Color?


Corrective hair color includes anything out of the ordinary, from taking a bleached blonde to medium brown to removing black tint from the hair to a lighter shade of brown [...]

What’s the Real Scoop on Corrective Hair Color?2013-01-05T07:26:57-08:00

About Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa

Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa opened in 1998. Owned by Roz and Dan Oserin, it is located in the downtown area of La Mesa, just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa, are proud to partner up with Aveda.  Aveda is a leader in the beauty industry as well as being one of the top 10 green companies in the world.

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