Aveda uses green ingredient sourcing to create their hair and beauty products.  Discover how we connect our mission with product development by sourcing ingredients from traditional communities around the world.


Our unique partnership with the Living Pharmacy program teaches indigenous Brazilian communites to cultivate sustainable medicinal plants for their own use.


Aveda is helping promote sustainable community-based business for Australia’s Indigenous Communities.

South African Rose Geranium

A journey to traceability starts with rose geranium in South Africa—and post-apartheid farmers returning to ancestral lands.

Bulgarian Rose and Lavender

Bulgarians reclaim their family rose distillery, coupling it with lavender fields hidden behind the Balkan Mountains.Did you know that true lavender grows only above 4000 feet elevation?  Aveda’s new Stress Fix Body Lotion contains lavender, lavendou and clary sage for a relaxing and moisturizing benefit like no other!  Try it today. 

Babassu from Brazil

In the eastern Amazon, Aveda supports sustainable and organic agriculture and encourages economic independence.Did you know that AVeda went into the Amazon seeking out native tribes to plant the babassu trees in place of the tobacco farming that they were doing?  By paying them better they increased their lifestyles and got rid of tobacco growers in this part of the world. 

Morikue from Peru

Aveda works with Conservation International to empower indigenous peoples from Peru’s Tambopata region.

Uruku from the Amazon

Our partnership with the Yawanawa of Brazil is a story of spirit and sustainability deep in the rainforest.Did you know that alot of Aveda’s lipsticks contain the Uruku color ingredients?  With beautiful, natural lipstick like this available, why would anyone want to buy a lipstick made from petro chemicals? And they taste like natural herbs, basil, mint and a variety of other flavors…