Aveda creates green responsible packaging at  their  plant. It  is powered 100% by wind power, and packaging is made  of up to 98% recycled material. 

Aveda’s approach to packaging

At Aveda we are mindful of the need to reduce our environmental footprint in every package we develop. We achieve this by minimizing our packaging, maximizing the use of post-consumer recycled materials, using materials that can be and are recyclable, and by designing our packaging so that the individual parts can be separated for recycling. We also work with suppliers who manufacture our packaging materials using renewable energy.

Aveda’s guiding packaging principles include:

  • Considering the lifecycle analysis of packaging options
  • Reducing the size, weight and production processes of packaging
  • Offering packaging that can be recycled whenever possible
  • Using the most environmentally sound materials and as much Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content as commercially possible
  • Using renewable energy to manufacture and fill our packaging
  • Challenging our packaging partners to meet these standards as well

Policies Aveda follows in the creation of packaging

When we develop a new package or evaluate current packaging for value analysis, the key consideration is to reduce the packaging to the least amount of material possible while still satisfying consumer safety, the design concept and adequate product protection during transportation, storage and use. Next, we use materials with the least environmental impact and then build the highest level of PCR (post consumer recycled content) into the packaging.

We have a “Material Use Manual” that defines our mission and policy on material use as well as our strategic priorities for material use. We have established a plastic hierarchy based upon the environmental impact of different materials in which we distinguish between our preferred materials, such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene, problem materials and prohibited materials, such as PVC. The policy also states our position of not using heavy metals or virgin forest products in the making of any packaging materials. We have recently developed a “Material Use Tool Kit” to further help us in the selection of materials.

Our strongest initiative is to try to use post consumer recycled (PCR) materials in all of our packaging. We can’t guarantee that our packaging will be recycled, but we can do our part by insuring that it is made out of material that will now have a second life rather than going to a land fill.

Ultimately, the goal of Package Development is to find and implement solutions that balance environmental goals, performance, aesthetics and cost.

Use of Recycled Materials

The majority of our packaging (our bottles and tubes) uses high density polyethylene. The source of the post consumer recycled (PCR) materials is from KW Plastics, and we use their cleanest material, which comes from milk bottles. We also use PET from recycled soda and water bottles for many of our bottles and jars. We (have begun using 25% PCR in our disc top closures) are just starting to use Polypropylene for application in caps. Although it is difficult to come by, we have found sources from industry post consumer scrap rather than from the average consumer product.

Recycling Aveda Packaging

The majority of our bottles and jars are made from HDPE #2, PET #1 or Glass, and can be recycled through most municipal recycling programs. Aveda is announcing a new recycling initiative that helps extend the current boundaries of recycling and elicit participation from all corners of our community. With the help of our network of salons and stores, in partnership with community schools, we are building a new recycling program for plastic bottle caps. All of our folding cartons can also be recycled as paper board.

Achievements for Aveda Packaging

  • Most of our plastic bottles use a minimum of 80%PCR. We have calculated that this reduces our need for over 300 tons of virgin high density polyethylene on an annual basis.
  • We have achieved 95% PCR with the launch of our new Aveda Men line.