Organic,green safe hair color made from plants will wow you with it’s vibrant color and long lasting effects, including fabulous grey coverage!  

Aveda has a true  commitment to safe products in the global marketplace


Aveda conducts extensive clinical testing to ensure that our products are safe for use on humans under the expected, recommended and customary conditions of use. We use both extensive historical data on our products and advanced and indicative test methodologies. Our safety team is composed of highly trained chemists and toxicologists, as well as consulting physicians, who review and test Aveda products.

Aveda strives to meet the regulatory requirements of every country in which it sells its products, as well as respecting the local customs of these countries, while also following our Ingredient Policy. Laws and regulatory requirements differ from region to region across the globe. We seek to minimize waste by creating a single version of products for sale globally whenever possible. Formulating global products that appeal to our different markets, while meeting the complex and sometimes contradictory regulatory requirements is a daily challenge, but one we will continue to address without ever compromising the quality of products that you have always expected from Aveda.