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Pret-a-Porter Salon & Spa has a new amazing Skinscope machine. You can receive a free skin analysis with our new Skinscope. The revolutionary Skinscope will show you what’s going on below the surface of your skin in less than a minute. Amazingly, the machine actually reveals problems in the dermal level of your skin – problems that will be evident in the future on the surface.

An internal mirror allows you and our esthetician to see what would not normally show under regular light. You’ll see with your own eyes the health of your skin on a deeper level. Our Skinscope highlights excess oil, dead skin build up, thin skin, dehydration, acne, and sun damage that is all beneath the surface of your skin.

Our esthetician can easily identify different skin conditions such as sun damage that show up as various colors. Blue/white is normal, purple is dehydration, brown indicates pigmentation and sun damage and so on. Whether your skin is oily, dry, dehydrated or blotchy our Skinscope shows where your skin is going to start to age and what we need to address first. Our professional estheticians can recommend the perfect treatments and products that can help repair, correct or remedy current and future skin issues.


About Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa

Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa opened in 1998. Owned by Roz and Dan Oserin, it is located in the downtown area of La Mesa, just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa, are proud to partner up with Aveda.  Aveda is a leader in the beauty industry as well as being one of the top 10 green companies in the world.

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