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Groupons…10 years ago a completely unknown word…Today, common language among family, friends and business associates.  At the onset, we all thought “Well, it must work because everyone is doing it”.  From the client’s perspective it seems like a great deal…Two for one dining… Purchase a $20 gift certificate for $5,,,get a spa manicure and pedicure for only $39 at an Aveda salon and spa…

Ahh, this is where we came in…I won’t bore you with all of the details, but when it was all said and done, it really was not a positive experience.  We hired extra staff to take care of the oversell of the Groupon (they sold 700 instead of the 400 that we agreed to) and in the end had to let go of that employee  for not following procedure…got a couple bad reviews from it as well:( …There was the profit…OOPS, my mistake..there wasn’t any profit. On the positive side, I have to say that it kept everyone busy that summer, but it did reek havoc with staff morale who were really overworked. The good news was that we did get more exposure and I learned something more about business. Luckily we were all able to muddle through the 6 months that the program ran. 

What are my thoughts now as I look back?  Well, I would never do another Groupon because it was really hard on the service providers, there is no profit in it,  and little return business.  I’m convinced that the Grouponites are just going from one deal to the next, never to be seen again. And I am proud to say that I don’t buy Groupons any more for myself or my family…We frequent our local businesses and gladly pay full price. Why? Because I want to ensure that the places that we eat and shop will still be in business when we really need them 🙂



About Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa

Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa opened in 1998. Owned by Roz and Dan Oserin, it is located in the downtown area of La Mesa, just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. Prêt-á-Porter Salon & Spa, are proud to partner up with Aveda.  Aveda is a leader in the beauty industry as well as being one of the top 10 green companies in the world.

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