sterling bracelet    You know you’ve heard it or seen it somewhere…but what is Aveda Pure Privilege?  It is simply a rewards program that Aveda offers for each and every dollar you spend on Aveda’s retail haircare, skincare, makeup, bodycare, and aircare products.  That’s right!  For each dollar that you spend, you get 10 Pure Privilege points which you can bank until you get to the level of your choice, and then cash in for fabulous Aveda Gifts or a Spa Certificate at Pret-a-Porter Salon & Spa!

     Rewards are offered in tiers, beginning with 1500 points.  Currently you can redeem 1500 points for a Total Face Compact, a Mango Juice Lip Glaze, a Lavender Fleurs Singular Note, or a box of Aveda Comforting Tea. 

     At the 7000 points tier, you can receive a spa certificate in the amount of $75.00 or a beautiful sterling silver and recycled Aveda glass bracelet or necklace!  Some of the rewards are offered consistently, like these three, and others come and go.  Just go to and set up a user name and password, and start planning today what you’ll be cashing in on next!

We love Aveda and we love Aveda REWARDS!