Just a little little known fact..About 10 years ago Estee Lauder purchased Aveda from it’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher.  With the agreement in place that Aveda would continue to be on the forefront of environmental consciousness, creating all of it’s retail products from organic plants and flowers Estee Lauder set out to enhance what was already a very stable complete company.

Now, 10 years later, Aveda boasts a whole new skin care line, Tulasara, which has had the financial backing of Estee Lauder during the research and development stages. The launch of Tulasara came hand in hand with Aveda’s Fall Makeup Collection, which boasts beautiful, long lasting shadows and lip glosses made from organic plant oils and taste of basil and mint.

When you purchase and use Aveda you are doing yourself a great service by using products that are good for your body and you are doing the world a great service by using products that are made from 100% wind power and organic plants and flowers which are sustainable throughout the world.

Thank you for using AVEDA!!!