Be No Ego

We need to get out of the way of ourselves…dumping that obtrusive ego…remembering that our job isn’t to hold onto our position (double meaning there). Our job is to improve things.

Imagine a world without ego (the bad ego…the inflated sense of self-significance ego). There’d be no…
• Toes to step on
• Feelings to hurt
• Fair shares to grab
• Territory to defend
• Fault to allocate
• Back to watch
• Last words to get
• Ideas to hold back
• Embarrassment to bear • Battles to win
• Knowledge to prove
• Entitlement to have
• Encouragement to withhold
• Credit to seek
• Grudges to hold
• Jealousy to feel
• Revenge to take
• Hidden meanings to construe

Things would get done so much faster and so much more enjoyably.

Speak no ego. Be no ego (Get the pocket cards at…
1. Be humble. Understand you are a (small) part of the world. Service and patience should be your
top priorities.
2. Be teachable. Focus on what you can learn, rather than showing what you know. Remember that almost everything you know began with the work of someone else.
3. Listen more. Make every effort to truly understand what others are saying (beyond just words). It makes for better connections. Allow a small gap of silence before responding. Ask questions (and listen, again).
4. Appreciate people. Enjoy others’ contributions. Don’t squelch ideas or defend territory. Encourage people more.
5. Relax. Let go of the need to be right or win every time.