Chinese Herbal Wrap

Chinese Herbal Wrap can help with inflammation

Chinese Herbal Wraps

According to Chinese herbal tradition, Dit Da Jow, here referred to as a Chinese Herbal Liniment, is an external wash which is used to heal various impact injuries to the body. It is commonly used in martial arts training, where the practitioner is always challenging the skin, bone, muscles and connective tissues of their body to become tougher and stronger, while at the same time it is believed that the use of this herbal product will help protect against long term injuries.

We have taken this knowledge and have successfully applied it to many bodily conditions from lower back problems, muscle fatigue and stiffness, ligament and tendon inflammation, carpal tunnel and a whole host of arthritic and sports related conditions.

How it’s applied:

The liniment is heated up to a comfortable temperature, the affected area is wrapped with terry cloth and the warmed liniment is applied to the cloth. Then it is wrapped snuggly with a plastic wrap and squeezed gently. You then relax with the wrap in place for 20-30 minutes, the wrap is removed and then the area is cleaned off with a warm towel.


Heating the herbal wash until it feels hot but not unbearable will greatly facilitate its transfer into the body by opening the pores of the skin. Afterwards you should feel relaxed, possibly tingly, and most likely a diminishment in discomfort and pain that you were experiencing previous to the wrap.

Chinese Herbal Wrap Price List:

  • Back Wrap- $65
  • Neck & Shoulder Wrap: $45
  • Arm Wrap-$45 (both arms)
  • Leg Wrap-$55 (both legs)
  • Knee Wrap: $25 (both knees)
  • Hand Wrap-$25 (both hands)
  • Foot Wrap-$25 (both feet)

Combine any two areas and get $5 off!

Disclaimer and cautions:

This product makes no health or medical claims. As with any herbal product, please seek the advice of your health care provider prior to using. Use of this product is contraindicated during pregnancy and is not to be used on wounds, sores or rashes. Risk of allergic reaction is possible so a small area of skin should be tested with product before applying to the full area. This product will stain materials so use o