1Are you challenged with fine straight hair?  Aveda and our Team of Designers have lots of ideas for you!  There are 2 routes to go… the chemical route which would include a body wave..25 years ago they were all the rage, but since the advent of haircolor on every female (of just about any age) chemical restructuring has been pushed to the back of the bus:)  If your hair is in good condition (colored or not) it might be time to consider some new texture (aka perm).  We’d love to give you a complimentary consultation to find out if this is right for you.

The second route is the Aveda Pure Abundance line.  This line includes shampoo just made to expand your hair a little, a clay conditioner, Style Prep (used on the roots before the blow dry) and a very firm Pure Abundance Hair Spray. The Style Prep in conjunction with Aveda’s Phomollient (very light mousse) are my personal favorites for fine hair. If you’ve never tried Aveda’s dry, almost weightless Air Control Hairspray it’s a must to use PRE curling iron.  It is such a dry hairspray that you can spray your hair and then curl right on top if it.  RESULTS: A curl that lasts!

Call today for a complimentary consultation for your fine hair!  We’ll help make you look your best!