What does nail fungus look like?  A couple symptoms are yellowing and thickening of the nails.  Fungus feeds on sugar, and grows and thrives in a dark warm environment.  So if you feel like you might have fungus on your toes wear open toed shoes, go to the pharmacy and ask for the over the counter treatment, and be attentive to manage it.  It is  contagious and that means from one toe to another too!  Don’t go to your salon if you have fungus because they are not supposed to be working on your toes if you have this disorder.

At Pret-a-Porter we use disposable pedicure tubs so that each guest has a brand new tub and sterilized instruments.  If you have concerns about contracting any disorders like this, you won’t have to worry with us!  Book now for a one hour “Essential Pedicure” reg $35 and you will receive a complimentary upgrade to a “Stress Fix Spa Pedicure ” reg $45.  You will surely enjoy the relaxation as well as your final result of really cute toes for Spring!!!