video contestWe’re having a video contest! Win a $100, $50. or $25 Gift certificate just by making a video telling us why you love Pret-a-Porter, your service provider, or Aveda!

Here’s are the details…
Create a video on your smartphone up to 2 minutes long…*
Upload onto Pret’s Utube page:
PW= Aveda8043
(You must have a Utube account which includes a gmail email address to do this)
Subscribe to the Pretaportersalon Utube page so you can view your video and others..

Contest ends August 30, 2015 at midnight.
A jury of 4 will be choosing 3 prize winners.
There must be at least 10 entries(total) to award prizes.
You may submit as many videos as you like.
Prizes will be awarded Saturday, September 5, 2015
*All videos will be property of Pret and you will be consenting that they may be used in future marketing by your submissions.

Content should include:
What you love about Pret-a-Porter
What you love about Aveda
What you love about your stylist/spa provider (Interview them)
Demos of your hair/Aveda product usage
Any other creative positive info about Pret or Aveda

Any questions email us through the site or call Roz at 619-464-6066