Mmm…Maybe you’ve heard about the health and safety standards that our State Board of California has set to keep us all safe?  When you venture out to get a “spa” pedicure do you know if that spa tub is sterilized in between clients?  In order to have a SAFE pedicure you need to either completely remove the pedi bowl (as in the plastic inserts that we use) and replace it with a new one, or use hot water and soap and scrub the pedi bowl, then put Quaternarium Ammonium Compound in at the correct ratio mixed with water and circulate the tub water for 10 minutes, and then rinse and dry.

We make sure that each guest that comes in gets new unused files, sterilized metal implements, and a clean pedi tub.  Not to mention that we use all Aveda organic botanical lotions/ scrubs for a wonderful, relaxing experience.  We offer several different types of Spa Manicures and Pedicures, and Shellak too!  Come in and give us a try!  If you’ve never been in before you can use the 20% off posted on our new guest page!