“Beauty On Demand” services are quick, 15 minute services that you can experience when you come in for your scheduled appointment.  Add on a peel, shoulder massage, brightening treatment, or hand exfoliation today.  It’s a great way to try one of our several different skin care products or just to relax those tight neck muscles so that you can continue on with your day feeling better than ever!

 GLOW (15 min.) A plant based exfoliating peel for the face.  $35.00
 BRIGHTEN (15 min.) A mini brightening facial treatment.  $30.00
 BALANCE (15 min.) A neck, shoulder, and scalp massage incorporating the Chakra Balancing Body Mists.  $10.00
 RESTORE (15 min.) A mini anti-aging treatment for the face.  $30.00
 RENEW (15 min.) An exfoliating and moisturizing hand massage treatment  $10.00