Hopefully we are all making the most of our weekly recycling provided by our local trash companies. We are also trying to make a difference every day by not accepting plastic eating utencils from fast food eateries, asking for paper please instead of styrofoam or plastic bags, and taking our used light bulbs to Home Depot for Earth friendly recycling. But how many of us really think about the products that we purchase to shampoo our hair, cover our face with makeup and our lips with gloss, and smooth body cream to keep us youthful and protected? When you purchase AVEDA hair care, skin care, body care, makeup and air care you are supporting one of the top 10 Green companies in the world! That’s right…they are right up on the top of the list with another familiar company IKEA..Aveda’s plant in Minneapolis, MN produces all of the products that we carry in our salon and spa, of which the packaging is now made up of up to 98% recycled materials. The plant is 100% powered by WIND!
Make your commitment today to go further than your recycle bin in support of our EARTH. Purchase AVEDA the next time that you need a personal care item and lower your carbon footprint!