Tips for healthy, happy hair!

Growing out your hair can be frustrating. Because of heat styling and environmental damage, by the time you’ve achieved your goal length the integrity of your hair has been compromised. And since beautiful hair reflects a healthy lifestyle, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process and bring your hair back to life!

Get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. Ladies hear me out… This is key in growing your hair out in a healthy manner. This will prevent your split ends from rising to your mid-shaft and stop further damage.

Wash your hair strategically. Only shampoo near your scalp and condition yours mids and ends. Give it a few minutes to absorb and when it’s time to rinse do not rinse the conditioner completely out.

Get comfortable with rocking second day hair. Not only does shampooing your hair every day waste product, it’s unnecessary. The natural oils your scalp produces nourishes your strands (some say better than any product). Stripping your hair of these oils is damaging. The thicker hair you have, the longer it takes for these oils to work their way down the hair shaft meaning you can go longer without washing.

Use a leave in treatment such as Daily Hair Repair which gives you six benefits in one! Instantly repairs, detangles to prevent breakage, strengthens for longer hair, softens brittle hair, protects against heat styling up to 450 degrees and boosts shine!

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