With winter approaching its time to up the level of moisture you provide your skin. These two ‘Aveda Essentials’ will help you do just that!


Hand Relief Moisturizing Crème is an ultra-rich hand crème containing lactic acid which helps slough off dry, rough skin. Hand Relief is also rich in omega 3 fatty acid which hydrates and feeds the skin improving its moisture barrier. 9 million units have sold in the past 10 years… that is the population of NYC! (Now available- limited-edition hand relief™ moisturizing creme with invigorating rosemary mint aroma)

Shampure Composition Oil is aroma therapy for the bath, body and scalp. Shampure is Aveda’s signature fragrance. Featuring a bouquet of 25 plant and flower essences it’s easier than ever to lock in moisture and smell like Aveda.