Face ShapesCurious about how we decide what cut looks best on which face shape?  Balance is the key!  The most balanced shape is the oval…not too long or too wide, not to square or too pointy.  So really, it’s simple.  Pull your hair back and look at the perimeter of your hairline.  What do you see? Whatever is outside of the “oval” should be filled in for balance.

A good example is someone with a big forehead.  Bangs, whether it be soft wispy bangs, or a full square bang is usually the answer.  If the person has a small face but a big forehead, then a side swept bang will break it up.

Our stylists are trained to asses your facial shape as well as your coloring if you are looking for a change.  Call today for your complimentary consultation!  We’d love to help you with a new do that will enhance your look and balance your facial shape.