Corrective hair color includes anything out of the ordinary, from taking a bleached blonde to medium brown to removing black tint from the hair to a lighter shade of brown or blonde. Making these changes is something that many say they can do, but really only those with a lot of training and experience come up with good results time after time.
It was my pleasure to teach hair color for 8 years for an Italian color company. I traveled from the border of Mexico to Fallbrook and everywhere in between teaching color classes to established salons in order to bring their level of education and performance up. It was challenging and enlightening because no two heads of correction are the same.
Understanding hair color and how it sits in the hair as well as the actual chemical process that is taking place during a color process is integral to understanding corrective color. A couple rules of color are that tint does not lift other tint, therefore if you have put a color on your hair that is too dark, it needs to be lifted out with a mild bleaching solution. Aveda’s bleach is called Enlightener, and is mild but effective, sitting in a medium of organic plant and flower oils. This is one big reason that you would want the professionals at Pret-a-Porter Salon & Spa to do your corrective color. We have great products to work with…and the owner has lots of experience…On the other side of the coin, those that want to go darker need to have their hair filled with just the right formula in order to make the end result look natural and last longer. Have you ever seen someone with browny-green hair? This is usually the result of a novice coloring over a lighter shade without filling in the hair first.
Rest assured that we do strand testing and use all of the resources at our fingertips when correcting your haircolor. You can be sure you will get the best possible results when you come in to Pret-a-Porter Salon & Spa for this service.