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Transitioning Hair Color

With the advent of Covid, and so many people going without services for almost a year, we have seen a great transition in the realm of hair color. I personally have 14 clients that have decided not to color their hair anymore. Covid made it easier to go through the grow out stage because no one saw anyone else for so long (except maybe on Zoom where you can wear a hat and get away with it!)

So now the question is, for those that still have several inches of old color or have been touching up just the hair around the face, how to you get from coloring to not coloring any more?

There are several ways..

  1. Grin and bear it…do nothing but let it grow out☹
  2. Have your stylist gradually lighten (assuming you are more grey than dark) your hair until you are blonde. From here the grow out to grey is easy.
  3. For those of you that have a grey patch or two in the front but the rest of your hair is naturally pretty dark, the best option is to bleach out the hair with chunky highlights where the grey is and add a dark semi-permanent hair color (usually a med to dark ash brown as this is the most common to see – we will match your natural color) over the faded brown hair color. As the hair grows out just highlight with bleach and lowlite with the natural color. After the transition of about 6 months you can decide if you are really done with coloring or if you want to continue the lowlights just to give it some extra color. This is a great option as it still adds life to the color, but you only need to have the lowlights every 3 months or so. 

If you are interested in seeing what is just right for you please give us a call at 619-464-6066 and schedule a complimentary consultation.


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This is a wonderful, friendly salon with full-service options. Dan does a fantastic job with my fine hair, and I also have had my eyebrows shaped there as…

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